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A Thousand Distant Radios (30% off)




Stories by Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award winner Woody Skinner

*Featured in Electric Literature's 2017 Great Indie Press Preview
*An Anticipated Book of 2017, Memorious Magazine
*Featured in Foreword Reviews' Debut Spotlight Issue, Fall 2017

IN A DEBUT THAT HAS IMMEDIATELY SPARKED comparisons to the work of earlier masters, Woody Skinner makes his mark as a boldly imaginative new voice. The stories in A THOUSAND DISTANT RADIOS capture the passions and compulsions of modern America in saturated color.

A marlin swims circles in a luminous backyard pool; a small-town surgeon broods from the Olympus of his hilltop house, watched all the while by his neighbors below; a knife salesman plies blades of mythic sharpness while crisscrossing a crazed North American landscape like a mad Paul Bunyan; a young man in rural Arkansas nestles into a satellite dish; and a grandfather’s body lies in state amid Annie Oakley’s last buffalo kill, General Patton’s Persian rug, and countless other oddments of a legendary America.

Skewed, hyperbolical, sometimes surreal, always irresistible, here is fiction honed to cut through the blur of our times. You won't soon forget this book.

WOODY SKINNER's work has won the Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award and appeared in Mid-American Review, The Carolina Quarterly, Hobart, Booth, Another Chicago Magazine, River Styx, and elsewhere. He holds a BA in Southern Studies from the University of Mississippi, an MFA from the University of Wichita, and a PhD candidate in English and Comparative Literature from the University of Cincinnati. Originally from Batesville, Arkansas, he currently lives in Chicago.


“Woody Skinner’s stories are sly, tragic, violent, beautiful. This is a powerful and disturbing collection, the most gripping work I’ve read in some time.”
ELIZABETH McKENZIE, author of The Portable Veblen, 2016 National Book Award Longlist

"[A Thousand Distant Radios] has all the energy and inventiveness of a debut without any of the indulgences or shortcuts​. The stories are wise, accomplished, and deeply satisfying. Woody Skinner has remarkable aim, yes, but he also knows what to aim at." CHRIS BACHELDER, author of The Throwback Special, 2016 National Book Award Finalist

"A Thousand Distant Radios is an extravagantly weird book. Woody Skinner is a singular talent, and I'm glad to have found his stories."
KYLE MINOR, author of Praying Drunk

​"Woody Skinner possesses such a mesmerizing gift with language that it's hard not to invoke writers like Barry Hannah and Joy Williams, but Skinner has a voice that is uniquely his own, fueled by a deceptive humor and a thrumming intensity that pulls you along. These are stories that are wild and open-hearted, full of characters who are always trying to, as Skinner puts it, just make it happen. A Thousand Distant Radios announces the arrival of an amazing writer, fully-formed, ready to blow you away."
KEVIN WILSON, author of Perfect Little World and The Family Fang

"I love Woody Skinner’s deft, ironic writing; he’s like a literary country doctor, giving you the bad news so gently you barely notice how much it hurts. Inventive, emotional, and shruggingly comic, these stories give us a 21st-century American South populated by characters — a plumber, a knife salesman,
a reluctant catfish farmer — who regret their mistakes while they wait in vain ​for their real lives to start: people, that is, like you and me.”
J. ROBERT LENNON, author of Familiar and Broken River

"Woody Skinner's characters manage to be both wonderfully absurd and absurdly normal. They remind us of our common humanity even as we watch them navigate their impossible, sad, and surprising lives. A beautifully strange collection." MARGARET MALONE, author of People Like You, PEN/Hemingway Award Finalist

"Woody Skinner has a heat gun and he will strip the varnish off your soul. You'll laugh while it's happening and when he's done you'll feel more real." SCOTT SPARLING, author of Wire to Wire

"Skinner’s work is reminiscent of other great voice-driven comic writers of the American South: Barry Hannah, Donald Barthelme, Padgett Powell. Like these writers, Skinner...is funny, sure, but also capable of affecting pathos within the strangest of premises...wildly inventive and darkly comic, but always moving."
-Brian Trapp, fiction editor Memorious
​"Brian Trapp's Anticipated Books of 2017"

ISBN: 978-0-9893023-9-5
5.5 x 8.5 paperback
​November 14, 2017